Some of our models can also be found on Shapeways for purchase. You can visit our shop there and take a look.

This is Destiny Shuttle model. You can also find a hollow version.

Shapeways store

We would like to introduce you some of our projects that we want to make in the near future.

Destiny shuttle lighted

We preparing lighted version of Destiny shuttle model.

Atlantis Tower II

New version with new stand, bigger size.

Atlantis city

Atlantis city model. This one need lot of work but maybe if you will be interedted we can bring it to you.

Anti Observer Gun

Anti Observer Gun from FRINGE. This prop is based on FN Five-Seven gun. 

Baby Groot

Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Ancient comunication stone

Ancient comunication stone used fot long-range communication even through the galaxies.

Asgard stone

Asgard stone. This one was used as comunication device.

Enchanted Heart

Enchanted heart with LED heart beat effect.


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